Grips 6-10

Prices shown are for the “competition” grip on all Single Action revolvers.

You will find complete explanations of all grip profiles and costs on the “Grip Profile” page.





Birds Eye Maple
Warm off white in color with eyes

that vary in density and size.












Curly Maple
Beige with tight vertical grain and

horizontal shimmering bands.












Rich deep red that appears glassy

under the surface.












Medium brown with splatters of

lighter color as the grain.













Sandy brown. Varying grain

structure with pepper spots.

Warms up like cherry with time.









Hi Joe,
Got the grips in today with the Eastwood rattlesnakes and all I can say is AWESOME! They are everything I hoped they would be and more. Can’t tell you how happy I am. I have some good memories of being a kid and watching The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with my Dad. We would watch that movie every time it came on. I remember thinking to myself that Eastwood had the coolest gun I had ever seen. Now I own that gun…..but it’s more than just the gun….it’s part of the memories I have spending time with my Dad. Thanks, Joe, for making that possible.
Ron Rimali (aka The Eastwood Kid – SASS #92380)

“Well Joe,
I am speechless. I figured the grips would be good according to what Longhunter told me, but I never dreamed they would be this good. Thank you very much. That was hard earned money I sent you and you paid me back with the same. The action is very nice also. I have a brace of Cimarron 44-40 Model P’s and also a brace of USFA single actions I will be sending you at some point.”
Gary Bates