Grip Profile Descriptions


      The “Competition” grip is the most requested profile I make. I designed it in 1988. This profile has been so successful it is currently copied by two major manufacturers and many other grip makers. The “Modified Factory” grip came from years of shooting and talking with top competitors in Cowboy Action Shooting, Mounted Shooting and Fast Draw. Even though these two are the most common profiles, you can have any profile and any finish you want. Just give me a call and I will take care of your needs.

      One-piece or Two-Piece grip is an often asked question. Here are some things to consider. If you clean your guns frequently and you don’t want to get oils and solvents on your grips, you should remove them or protect them. For ease of maintenance a two-piece grip will come off the gun faster. Take the screw out and remove the grips. Some shooters will switch to plastic grips when it is raining. To remove a one-piece grip you will need to remove the two screws on either side of the hammer and the one at the bottom of the grip-frame. Now the back-strap and the grip can be removed. If you don’t want to remove a one-piece or two-piece grip for gun cleaning then wrap it with a cotton cloth and secure with rubber bands.

      One-piece grips have a cleaner, classier and more expensive look. A one-piece grip won’t come loose and you can’t lose the screw. All original Colts with wood grips were one piece. I would also put one-piece grips on guns that are mostly for showing off.

      Two-piece grips can make it a little easier to inspect, clean and maintain your guns. Two piece grips make it easier to switch grips. I have often made two sets of grips for customers. You can break or severely damage two-piece grips by over tightening the screw, so be careful.

It really is your call, but I will be glad to discuss these options with you as they relate to your particular gun and shooting style.



 Competition Grip

  Prices for this profile are listed on the Grip Pages.


    This is the most popular grip I make. It is thinner at the bottom and slightly fuller at the top to allow your hand to wrap around it better. This will bring your point-of-aim closer to center and give you a more secure grip. It also moves the knuckle of your middle finger farther away from the trigger guard. The bottom usually does not have a bevel so your little finger will stay on the grip better. If you want to tuck your little finger under the grip, as some Gunfighters and Duelists do, I will bevel it. The finishing technique is unique and allows the wood to breathe so the grip won’t slip in your hand with moisture. Checkering is not needed. It took six months to develop this finish. This profile is for all Single Action revolvers and all 1800 Reproductions.

Recommended for most SASS shooters, target shooting and anyone wanting a more manageable grip.


Comp sideComp


Modified Factory Grip

Same price as the Competition grip.


    This grip is thinner than a Factory grip, but thicker than the Competition grip. It can have a bevel cut on the bottom or left flat for more little finger room. This grip provides the classic look of a flared grip and a better fit in your hand than the Factory grip. This profile is very close to the 1st Generation Colt profile.

Recommended for Collectors, Mounted shooting, Fast Draw and some Gunfighter and Duelist.



Left picture shows flat bottom. middle and right photo show 15 degree bevel.

Streaked Ebony on US Firearms



Factory Contour Grip

 Add $40.00 to the standard pricing.


    This grip will match the standard factory profile your gun came with. It is thin at the top and flared wider toward the bottom. It kind of like an upside-down funnel and will cause the revolver to roll in the hand when fired. It has a 20 degree bevel cut on the bottom. Colt and USFA factory profiles shown.

Recommended for the B Western look.


                                         Colt                                                                                         Colt                                                                          US Firearms




Blind Screw Grip

Add $25.00 to the grip profile you choose.


    This grip will look like a one-piece grip from one side, but will have a screw on the other. It can be made for any gun where you want it to look like a one-piece grip, but you want to remove the grips with a screw. This is the only way for Vaquero owners to have the look of a one-piece grip. Pretty slick. Grip shown in photos is a “Left Side Blind Screw”.


Other Models
Add $20 to $40 for the grip profile you choose.

 1875 Rem

 1875 Remington + $20.00

1858 Remington + $40.00



Schofield + $20.00

DSC 0720

Schofield Russian + $40.00


Walker 47

Walker 47 + $40.00

 Colt Bisley + $20.00

Thunderer and Lightning + $20.00