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Diamond Cross. Sterling Silver inlaid in Ebony. $175 ea.


Zuni hummingbird Inlay in Ebony. Silver, Mother of Pearl, Onyx, Turquoise and Coral.


Rooster Flush Inlay. Sterling Silver in streaked Ebony.


Z Flush Inlay. Sterling Silver in American Holly.



 Indian Head on Tomahawk. Sterling Silver in Ebony.

Created for members of S.E.A.L. Team 6



Scales Of Justice. Bronze inlaid in American Holly


Mother of Pearl Diamond flush inlay in Ebony. $85 ea.


Open Mouth Rattlesnake. Sterling Silver with AAA ruby in the eyes inlaid in Fancy Walnut.

$205.00 inlaid each.  Add $50.00 for each ruby.


Diamondback. Sterling Silver inlaid in Ebony. $150 ea. Add $50 with ruby in the eye.


Lightening Bolt. Sterling Silver flush inlay in Blood Wood. $150 ea.


River T. Sterling Silver flush inlay in Ebony. Modification of the John Wayne design.


Lucky Ned Pepper Clover. Flush inlay in Ebony. $175 ea.  Info Link



"Red River D". Sterling Silver flush inlay in Walnut. $185 plus grips.


Zuni Diamond. Silver, Turquoise and Coral inlaid in Ebony. $185 ea.


18K Solid gold medallion with brand in Fancy Walnut.


Lightning Bolt. Sterling Silver flush inlay in Ebony. $150 ea.


DSC 0988

Ivory Diamond.  Flush inlay in Ebony. $100 ea.


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