A Sampling of Customer Comments.

Thank you for trusting me with some of your most prized possessions.




   I feel that you have gone above and beyond what is expected of warranty work in this very competitive business.  You made my grips back in 2005, I broke them in 2014.  You fixed the problem like it never happened on the outside and from what you told me it is now better on the inside.  In addition you reimbursed me for shipping.  It just doesn't get any better than that.  The packaging on the return shipment was the best I have seen.  Folks this is one of the best in the business.  

Thanks again,  Jim Kahr.



Received my Colts today with black Ebony Grips and my initials PP set on the outside. They are absolutely beautiful and wonderful to the touch and grip. I'm on my way to your website in hopes of adding an endorsement to your excellent work. Craftsmen such as you are getting harder and harder to find. Glad I asked around to finally find you and your website. Thanks again for the great piece of work!  

Peter Pedone, AKA: Pavaler Pete



   I just shipped my Colt SAA and a USFA to you. I included a note that describes the grips I would like for each gun. I decided to go for the premium action job on both guns as well. I wasn't going to originally, since I already had a Houston gunsmith do action work on both of those guns, but there is a very noticeable difference compared to the guns you did for me. Yours are much smoother.
Aaron Duke



   I just received my Vaqueros back from you…Wow! Not sure what else I can say; they are beautiful!  Haven’t had the chance to run them yet, but the action feels so smooth and the cylinder spins like a top!  The grips are beyond my expectations! You are truly an artist and I feel fortunate to have had you work on my revolvers.  Well worth every penny I spent!  Thank you so much!

Regards, Mark Fortie



   Just received my 1872 back from you and your work is truly amazing.  I didn’t think that you could out do yourself after the satinwood grips on my other '72. 

The ebony grips with the brass tacks looks downright sinister. Job well done Sir!

S/F, Tom Shanahan    Dumfries, VA


Hi Joe,

   Oh my god, I love, love, LOVE those mandrone grips!  WOW!!! You make me want to have you re-do every grip I've ever had anybody else do.  Your grips are so awesome and perfect, they make my gun feel like a work of art.  I just hope my wife doesn't get too jealous so I kinda have to keep it on the down low  ;-)  

Rene Herteux  p.s.  Did I mention wow!?


   I’ve been a little busy and meant to contact you sooner. I received the Colt and it’s really nice.I appreciate the work that went into all four revolvers; the action jobs are amazing and the grips are gorgeous.  Thanks,Mark Verwest



   Got the .357/.38 Ruger OM Vaquero w/birds-head grip today. Absolutely amazed! Brian C's work in fitting grip frame to cylinder frame is flawless. Your work with the Indonesian Rosewood, sterling silver knot inlay, removal of barrel stamping, and other pistol modifications make you an artist; not just a gunsmith. This is my Holy Grail gun. I can't wait to shoot it. Now, the search begins for another, so you can again work your craft, and I'll have my Holy Grail pair.

Thank you.   Regards, Joe Witcofsky

Hi Joe,

   I just want you to know how pleased I am with the work that was done on my .44 sp Ruger. The grips, case hardening, and silver inlay are beyond my expectations ( even after reading the other reviews ). Thanks again for making a nice firearm into a family heirloom.  Chris McDowell



   I wanted to take a minute and say thanks for a job well done on my COLTS.  The ivory on my 5 ½ is gorgeous.  The American Holly on my two 7 ½’s are marvelous.  The fit and finish is extraordinary.  I am glad that there are still craftsman with attention to details.  You are certainly one of them.  My respects,  Kent Huntsman




    After just a little bit of drama with Fedex, (my delivery truck was rerouted back to the facility for "local weather delay"...come on, this in Minnesota for pete sake) I went and picked it up myself (roads were fine). I couldn't wait until I got home, so I opened up the box in my car.  I felt like Ralphie on Christmas Story opening up the Red Rider BB gun. The extra wrapping around the grip was a nice touch, made for a little more dramatic unveiling. I sent you my Ruger Blackhawk convertible and you sent me back a work of art!  The Hand of God grip is stunning and flawless. I thought, "this can't be my gun" and then I pulled the hammer back and my thumb didn't recognize it either!  So easy, so smooth. The color case hardening is gorgeous with great blues, yellows and perfect patterns. Honed and chamfered cylinders are like glass...everything you worked on is fantastic. Worth the wait, my Hand of God Blackhawk has become my most prized firearm. Thanks, Chad Ridler


   Mate I finally got to collecting the Blackhawks from Customs today. You’re a legend.  Absolutely unreal and they will partner the Rattlesnake Rugers you did last year really well. Can’t thank you enough for helping me out with these fine guns.

Cheers, John, (Western Australia)   

Dear Joe,

   I just wanted to report in and say the guns are simply incredible. I found them on my desk early the 11th exactly as you said. That alone was amazing, but then I took them out and felt the new action and Short Stroke work. Smooth as butter is an understatement. I was borrowing a friend's Vaqueros in 45LC that were short stroked by xxx xxxxx so I could get used to the action and hammer pull. I have to say his felt almost like factory guns compared to mine! Absolutely amazing. I have a gunfighter friend I'm going to be seeing at the NM state shoot in a week and he was asking about my guns. You may have another pair on the way once he feels how nice mine are. Can't thank you enough for squeezing me in so quickly and for the outstanding workmanship. Again, thanks so much for your help. One of these days I'll get some grips from ya too. Your buddy, Bill Adams AKA- Will Two Gun Adams

      Joe...you are " THE MAN" when it comes to grips and action work. I apologize for taking so long to write this email. I've been shooting my Ruger New Vaquero that you worked on for Cowboy Fast Draw and it has performed flawlessly. I have won three trophies this year and the gun has never let me down. The hammer feels so light and smooth that I was worried that it might not fire every primer it lands on....not the case though! It has fired every primer it has landed on!!! Fast Draw is very hard on guns...and all the dry firing practice even harder. My gun still feels as smooth as the day I got it back from you! You may have some new business headed your way because everyone that has checked out my gun has wanted to know who did the work. Besides the great action work...I get tons of complements on my grips. I had you do my grips in Ziricote with the open mouth rattlesnake inlaid. (My alias in CFDA is Rattlesnake Rick so I had to have the snake!) You also polished my stainless Ruger and between its new shinny exterior and the unbelievable looking grips everybody wants to look at my gun. I just bought a USFA so you will be getting a call from me soon. I was just looking at your site since I bought the new gun and saw my Ruger pictured on your site! I couldn't be more proud! Now I can tell everybody if they want to see my gun they can just check it out at Classic Single Action!!!  Thanks again Joe....I'll be calling you soon to go over what to do on my new USFA.  ........Rattlesnake Rick  aka Rick Westall 


      I just received my pistol with the new grips and all I can say is WOW! They are beautiful, and the pistol seems to melt into my hand. Hard to feel were my hand stops and the grips begin. I can't wait to shoot it tomorrow. Thanks for doing such a great job!

John Deiss



      I received the Colt on Friday.  Your work is excellent! The ivory grips are beautiful!  Thank you. I sent another Colt across the US to have grip work done at the same time as the project you worked on for me.  I did this only knowing that you and the other company were the most recognized for quality work. In conclusion the work from Company B was not a pleasant experience; whereas, you were professional with updates, your knowledge was up front, and your quality of work the winner. I have a few more revolvers that will be in need of your services beginning with a Colt SAA in 44 spl for which a set of your Maple or American Holly grips are desired.

The other two are 45's. One of which may come with the 44spl. to have one piece ivories installed. 

I look forward to working with you on these other projects. 

Regards,    Kent Huntsman



           I got the grips (and pistol) back today and I really don't know quite what to say. I have been gun collecting for 50 years and have had mucho customization done on almost all of them, with custom grips from pretty much every one of the "Names". But the European Walnut grips on my Super Blackhawk are almost beyond description€¦€¦.the color, the figure, the fit, the finish€¦€¦OMG.

Thanks, and more pistols will come your way.

Jim Thomsen

San Antonio, TX


Hi Joe,

           Just got home from business trip and had a chance to look at the two revolvers that you installed grips on. the workmanship is first class and the grips fit really well in my hand. I will shoot these revolvers shortly, and just want to say thanks for a great job.  I have had grips put on other revolvers I own, but none fit as well as these. And the walnut wood and finish is great. Thanks again for a great job.


Andy Mantis



      Just got the Ruger SBH back last Friday.  Thank you for such great work.  The action job is very smooth, the Colt base pin and crescent ejector rod button give the revolver a more classic look and feel.  The grips are absolutely stunning.  Love the color and figure of the walnut, the finish is very classic and the Competition  profile feels good in my hand.  

Thanks for the great work, and the constant communication.  Best grips I've EVER seen.

David Hutton


Well, Joe,

      I'm definitely impressed with the quality of your workmanship. No€¦artisanship is a better word, because it's apparent that you put a little of yourself into each piece. I was astonished to notice that the two panels are mirror images, that the wood figure is almost exactly duplicated across the back of the grip frame. That just seems incredible. The steps of removing and replacing the panels show how well they're fitted, like the proverbial bank vault. Your signature coin inlaid inside the grip is a nice touch.

Thanks, again,  Robert Beneke



      The package you sent me arrived earlier in the week. WOW - what an outstanding job - thank you. Your custom ebony grips with silver inlays on my two Ruger Vaquero Bisley single action revolvers fit my hands perfectly and are literal works of art. And the action jobs you performed on each gun can best be described as "buttery smooth". I couldn't be happier.

Warm regards, J. Dan Fortier, AKA: SASS "Hoot-N-Holler Dan"



      I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how happy I am with my new buckeye burl grips. They arrived on Friday around 1:00 PM. When I opened the box, I was speechless! First the color is breathtaking and just right for engraved SS revolvers. Pictures do not do these justice. In person they have a three dimensional appearance from the veins and buck eyes. I had to keep stroking them to be sure they were smooth which of course they are. Next, the fit and design are perfect. These smoke wagons now point more naturally. My trigger finger is now in the perfect position as well. I was curious why you asked about holsters; strong side or cross draw and now I know. Since my rig is set up for two strong side holsters, these grips match on the outside when holstered. You are a sly dog!
Happy trails, Barry Gillen aka Ender SASS 5895 former Territorial Governor


Hello Joe,

      I just received my stainless Pietta 1858 New Army pistol back and it looks terrific. The silver inlay is perfect in every way. It sits perfectly flush, no seams, almost as if is was a natural part of the wood. Speaking of wood, I have never seen such pure black Ebony before. It's so dark and rich, it seams to absorb the light around it. It's warm to the touch and fits my hand perfectly. I've never seen grips their equal. You've done an amazing job Joe and you will certainly be the very first person I recommend if anyone needs a set of custom grips. They are worth every penny. I'll be back with my Army Outlaw as well.

Most Sincerely, Travis C. Masters


Well Joe,

      I am speechless. I figured the grips would be good according to what Longhunter told me, but I never dreamed they would be this good. Thank you very much.  That was hard earned money I sent you and you paid me back with the same. The action is very nice also. I have a brace of Cimarron 44-40 Model P's and also a brace of USFA single actions I will be sending you at some point.

Gary Bates



      I never had a chance to tell how "over the top" pleased I am with the "Hand of God" grips you did on my USFA.  The work is exquisite.  I am a perfectionist and I feared that for the money I was paying there might be some tiny flaw that would upset me.  On the contrary, I've never been so pleased with anything in my life.  Your work is simply amazing and I'm very proud to show it off.  Of course everyone else gets pretty slack-jawed as well.

George Weynand



       I was truly stunned when I captured my first look at those guns.  My gosh the grips are gorgeous!  Fit and feel was perfect.  Truly a work of art and those pistols captured a lot of looks when I first took them out of the box.  All of the employees at "Shooters", multiple Sheriffs from our county, as well as other customers remarked at how beautiful the grips were against the matt black of the frame.  Who would have thought those pistols could be so darn beautiful?  Those guns will be passed down to my sons.  I am, indeed, proud of them!

Ed Sanford



      The package arrived today and these grips and work far exceeded my expectations. They are perfect in every way, exactly what I wanted. The Modified Factory grip fits perfect. Thank you again for the great work. In the near future I will be sending you another. Thanks again.

Al Houde   



      Just got the guns. Wazooo!!!!!!! And yeeeehah!!!!!!!

Love the grips, looks, fit and feel. Only one problem, I'm sure my times will increase as I stop after each shot to look at the grips. The color goes well with the Rodeo black. Thanks again,

Jim Krog  "Justice Good"



      They are really, really nice.  They both look great and feel great.  You did a fine job.  I thought I was not going to be able to get them away from my dealer he liked them so much. I plan on getting out to my range tomorrow to try them out.  Now if they will shoot even half as good as they look, that will be something. By the way, if you ever need a reference concerning quality of your work, please do not hesitate to use me. Thanks again for a great job.


      WOW!!!  Guns arrived safely and we picked them up around noon today. You really do pretty work. Thanks and additional thanks for getting them out to us so fast.  I may not be a better shot with your grips but I'm going to look a whole bunch better in the process.

John McElyea



      I just wanted to let you know that the Rodeo's came in on Friday and I shot them in our club's annual cowboy shoot that was the cowboys against the law enforcement.  The guns are beyond gorgeous and they shot very well too. The work you do is awesome and I got a lot of compliments on the grips saying those are the nicest grips anyone has ever seen. By the way, the cowboys won!

Craig Tharp



      I have received my gun and must say I'm pleased beyond words.  You must have heard just about every kind of WOW by now Joe.  Your work really shows that you care about firearms.  You are truly, really, really good at your craft.  The Jarrah Burl grips are beautiful.  The fit and finish do reflect a lot of time and effort on your part.  The action on this gun is so super smooth; even my wife was amazed at the difference.  This old gun may not be very pretty on the outside, except for the new grips, but it's a lovely thing to behold on the inside.

Nick Harper, Winter Haven , FL



       Sorry for taking so long in getting back with you. The standard walnut grips you crafted for my Rodeo are superb in both finish and fit. They are perfect for this gun and a pleasure to wrap my hand around. Thanks again and you'll no doubt be hearing from me again after my next purchase.

John Douglass


      Received the firearms and they are expertly done.  Very smooth actions and beautiful grip work, not that I expected anything less!  Thanks again,  

Joshua Hoover


Joe---  WOW!

      Received the Blackhawk today and am very pleased with grips and action work. Hope the State Championship match went well. Thank you for a beautiful job.    

Wren Cohenour.


Hey Joe,

      I just wanted to let you know my revolver arrived today. My words cannot describe how satisfied I am with your "Hand of God" grips. They are beautiful, a true work of art. They feel great in the hand and I can't wait to go to the range with them. Thanks again.

Sincerely, Jacob Benicewicz


Mr. Perkins,

      Absolutely unbelievable. I have been paying $400 for walnut grips in the "original Colt contour" from what is supposed to be one of best grip makers in the country. When I opened my package today and saw what you made for my Colt, I was stunned. For $215.00 your craftsmanship far surpasses anything I have purchased from the other big names. As you know I have a substantial Colt collection from over 46 years. I have had grips made by the very best. Well today I learned who the very best is sir and it is you. What an extraordinary craftsman you are. Many thanks and many more coming your way,

Jim Rollins


Hi Joe - 
      I picked up the pistols at McBride's today. They look awesome, and the action work is really phenomenal! My wife LOVES that we have family history literally in the palm of our hands whenever we use the guns. Brian Good, Austin Texas. 
(Brian sent me mesquite slabs from 100 year old trees on his family ranch that were downed by a storm) 



      Guns have arrived. And I must say that you do some really beautiful work. I just love them, and they feel great, and the action job is so smooth I can't wait to try them out, probably on Monday. I'll let you 
know how I make out. I have a feeling I am going to shooting a lot better now. I am glad I picked the blood wood.

Thanks for everything.  Vic Orlando



      Wow, this is some of the finest action work I have ever felt. Very smooth, perfect timing, crisp trigger. I am used to paying almost twice as much. Most of my SAA's have been done by the "Famous" guys, not any more. You certainly know what you are doing. Thank you very much,

Don Jacobs



      Just wanted to let you know the grips are nothing less than Awesome! Sunday I shot my first match with them. I took them out and they were liked by all; However, everyone was saying things like,  "Your not going to like those smooth grips." and "Those are going to slip in your hands when you sweat." I told them what you told me about the way you finish your grips and shot the match. It was 99 degrees  and 93% humidity out and we were sweating like crazy! Your grips were fantastic! Never even had the slightest slip. I won my division and came in 3rd overall by 1.3 seconds. Just wanted you to know I love your work and will be sending you my other guns in the future.

Thanks Again, Scott Lindauer AKA John E. Law.


Mr. Perkins,
     I was able to pick up my Colt that you had installed the 3:10 to Yuma Grips on. It is excellent. Thank you so much and thank you for taking the time to fix the small metal burs that were next to the frame and extractor housing. I can't tell it used to be there. The owner of the store was excited to see it and said I had a great looking gun and took photos. Again great and excellent work and I'm very happy to happen upon you and you business. A true work of art.
Thank you again,   Jason Baker


Joe, received Colt today........

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am speechless..........

Thank You very, very much sir.

Tom Kister



      The grips are terrific!  Fit, shaping, and finish are as good as it gets. You've got a happy customer.  Thanks. 

Dave Pierce


     Just got home and got a chance to look at my new ivory grips. Could not be more pleased.  They're everything that I was waiting for. I will be   singing your praises. Thank you once again for an outstanding job.  They fit my hand like a glove.

Thanks again, Doug Treadway


      I went to a shoot in Texas, and the grips were amazing to shoot with. I had people coming up to me and asking about them and wanting to take a feel of them. I was sure to spread the word about your great art of grip making. December of last year we held our state championship shoot (Louisiana) and I won the state championship in B-western. If you ever need a stocking dealer for your grips, I'll be glad to keep some in the shop. Thanks,  Jason Robinson, AKA "Slick McClade"

Louisiana Shooters Supply


Hi Joe....I just received my two Colts with your new Myrtle Burl grips and I can't say enough about how beautiful they are. They far exceeded what I had expected and what a fine job you did with the fit. They are just perfect. Sorry you will not be a EOT this year but I will catch up with you at the BorderTown shoot and I'll be able to "Thank You" again in person. 

Bob Webber....Baja Bandit SASS # 3654 L



      I picked up the USFA today.  The grips are beautiful and a perfect fit, of course.

Thanks for a quality product, excellent communication, and early delivery.

Evan Green, Cheyenne, WY


Dear Joe,

           All we can both say is that they are awesome, awesome, awesome!! They came out even better than we imagined and we know you will get business from all who see them. You do a wonderful job and you will be highly recommended to all we meet. Thank you for the beautiful grips!

John and Kelly La Rocco AKA Johnny Jingos and Miss Annie Odem.