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                                      Hall Brad

Firefighter Maltese Cross. Sterling Silver inlaid in Ziricote.



Diamond Cross. Sterling Silver inlaid in Ebony. $175 ea.



Solid Brass Flush Inlay in Ebony


Zuni Hummingbird inlay in Ebony. Silver, Mother of Pearl, Onyx, Turquoise and Coral.



Broken Heart. Sterling silver flush inlay in Bloodwood.


Rooster. Sterling silver flush inlay in streaked Ebony.


Seven Pt

Seven Point Star. Solid brass flush inlay in Ebony.


Z Flush Inlay. Sterling Silver in American Holly.



 Indian Head on Tomahawk. Sterling Silver in Ebony.

Created for members of S.E.A.L. Team 6



Scales Of Justice. Bronze inlaid in American Holly


Mother of Pearl Diamond flush inlay in Ebony. $85 ea.


Open Mouth Rattlesnake. Sterling Silver with AAA ruby in the eye inlaid in Fancy Walnut.

$205.00 inlaid each.  Add $50.00 for each ruby.


Diamondback. Sterling Silver inlaid in Ebony. $150 ea. Add $50 with ruby in the eye.


Lightening Bolt. Sterling Silver flush inlay in Blood Wood. $150 ea.


River T. Sterling Silver flush inlay in Ebony. Modification of the John Wayne design.


Lucky Ned Pepper Clover. Flush inlay in Ebony. $175 silver, $200 bone.  Info Link



"Red River D". Sterling Silver flush inlay in Walnut. $185 plus grips.


Zuni Diamond. Silver, Turquoise and Coral inlaid in Ebony. $185 ea.


18K Solid gold medallion with brand in Fancy Walnut.


Lightning Bolt. Sterling Silver flush inlay in Ebony. $150 ea.


DSC 0988

Ivory Diamond.  Flush inlay in Ebony. $100 ea.


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