Classic Single Action makes one-of-a-kind original designs in gold and silver for grip inlays. If you have an idea or a drawing, it can become a reality. Most of the original designs are hand carved in wax before a master is made. Some of the medallions are CAD drawn and then CNC carved in wax before the master is made. You cannot purchase any of the silverwork you see separately.


    Staying true to the commitment of only the highest quality for CSA customers, you will find no cheap alloys or mass produced third party pieces. All of the silverwork for Classic Single Action is created by Joe Perkins. This means complete quality control over every piece made. Using the "Lost Wax" process, as they did in the 1800's insures quality and authenticity. All inlays are done by hand, without power tools. 


     * Silverwork is only made after the grips are finished. Waxes for cast designs are formed over the completed grips so they sit perfectly flush with the surface. Then they are cast in the metal of your choice and inlaid into the grip. This is why the inlays are so precise. "Flush Inlay" in the description means that after the inlay is done, it is sanded to the contour of the grip and polished in place. You cannot feel it in the grip.


    Classic Single Action has a reputation for quality. This reputation didn't come from making things cheaply, or doing it fast, it comes from doing it right. All silverwork is created and inlaid using time honored traditional methods and tools.  




Kelldorf Holly 

1969 Shelby Cobra Mustang GT 500. Reproduction of right and left car emblems. 

Sterling Silver in American Holly with AAA natural ruby in the eyes. Not for sale. Owner has exclusive

rights to this design. It took four months from the original design to create the waxes and then cast the first Prototypes.



Striking Rattlesnake. Sterling Silver in Fancy Walnut. CSA design.

There are some snakes out there that are similar to these. The difference in these is that I

redisigned them to better match eachother. I changed the heads, the tails, the spots in

the diamonds and the shape of eyes. Now they look much more alike.  



USN SHADOWHAWKS VAQ-141. Twenty-two gun purchase by Navy Shadowhawk pilots. 

    Each revolver has a Shadowhawk with ruby eye inlaid in one side. The other side has a cartouche

with the squadron call sign "OUTLAW". Some of them also have Navy Officer pins inlaid on the

                  side with the cartouche.



Sterling Silver Infantry Rifles and Flush Inlay in Fancy Walnut 


18k Hand of God

18k Solid Gold Hand of God  on USFA Single Action.

The "Hand of God" grip made by CSA is the finest reproduction you will find on the market today.  

This is a "museum quality" piece. To see pricing for the "Hand of God" grip, click here.



Star & Studs. Sterling Silver flush inlay in Ebony.



1969 Shelby Cobra Mustang GT 500. Reproduction of car emblems. Sterling Silver in Ziricote.

CSA exclusive design for customer. Not for sale.


Knight Inlay. Sterling Silver inlaid in Ebony. $175 each, $320 for two. 


Paladin 1 

"Have Gun Will Travel" Paladin Knight. Sterling Silver in Ebony. Exclusive design by CSA.

Yes we all know Paladin's gun did not have the knights in the grips, but it sure should have!

It took three months, after researching original imagery from the series, to create the waxes and go 

through three prototypes before ending up with this final design.

Inlaid $195.00 each, $360 for two.



 Sterling Silver Flush Inlay in Snakewwod.


Open Mouth Ruby

 Open Mouth Rattlesnake. Sterling Silver inlaid in fancy walnut with AAA natural ruby in the eye.
Classic Single Action exclusive. Inlaid $205.00 each, $380 for two. Ruby add $50.00 each.

 "Standard Rattlesnake". Sterling Silver inlaid in Ebony. $195 each, $360 for two.

 This snake was carried by a company in California that sold reproductions of famous movie props. 

This reproduction is pretty close in many aspects. See the Hollywood Grips page for more details. 


Dice. Solid 14K gold inlaid in Fancy Walnut. In both sides of each grip.


Texas Star. Sterling Silver in Ebony. $45 ea. 


 Flush Inlay. A D in Ebony. Most brands run $150-250.


Diamond Cross. Gold alloy inlaid in Ebony, $150 each. Sterling Silver $175 each.


Thirteen Star Cross. Sterling Silver inlaid in Ebony. Gold alloy $150 each.

Sterling Silver $175 each. Grips not included.


American Eagle/Liberty. 1/10 oz Fine Gold coin minted 2013. Inlaid in grip $215.00.

This is a 98.8% pure gold investment grade coin. 


Dos Pesos. .0482 oz Fine Gold coin minted 1945.  Inlaid in grip $125.00

This is a 98.8% pure gold investment grade coin. 


Hero's Engine. Sterling Silver inlay in Walnut Burl.



"Scales of Justice". Sterling Silver or Gold Alloy medalion.  $45 ea.



"Classic Single Action" Signature Medalion. Gold Alloy or Sterling Silver $45.



Engraved Diamond. Sterling Silver inlaid in Ebony. $85 ea.


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