Case Hardening, Bluing


Antique Finish


All refinishing can add a month or two to turnaround time.




Bone & Charcoal Case Hardening


       Ruger® stopped "color" case hardening their guns a few years back in order to be more competitive with their pricing. This was a chemical treatment and not true bone and charcoal case hardening. Most people really liked the case coloring look on the frame. In keeping with my philosophy of the highest quality, I decided to offer true bone and charcoal case hardening for all single action firearms.  The cost is $260 per gun. This can include the hammer and loading gate. I think you will agree this is a great look and it is the "Real Deal". 



Schofield with Amboyna Burl 


        Disassembly and reassembly of the Schofield is very extensive and time consuming. Add $35.00



Case harden, Dome blue with fire blue accents.









Colt 22



USFA Rodeo to Safe Queen



Before & After


$565.00 Grips not included.





Antique  Finish

        The surface condition resembles a 120 year old gun that was used, but not abused. You can imagine it was owned by a Deputy Sherriff that rode shotgun on stagecoaches and hunted outlaws in heavy brush and hidden canyons. This is not a surface "finish". It is actual aging of the metal.  You can request a Grade 1 or Grade 2 finish. You can also request a few surface dings to the metal and more rust and pitting.

        The walnut grips are period correct in their shape and finish, including the period correct angle of bevel at the bottom. They can be distressed, "Moderately" with dings, scratches and wear. You may ask for more wear or no wear on the grips if you prefer. You can have them in a one-piece grip or a two-piece grip. The screw and escutcheons on a two-piece grip would be aged accordingly.

        All of the internal parts, the inside of the barrel and the cylinder are protected during this process and are "as new" after the process. 


        1. The "Antique Finish" is $150.00.

        2. The Walnut grips are $195.00, with wear or not.

        3. Package price for the grips and the gun finish is $325.00.


US Firearms Rodeo.  Grade 2 finish with Aged "Original" Grips.


US Firearms Rodeo.  Grade 2 finish with walnut grips.


US Firearms Grade 2 Finish, Aged Walnut Grips.                    US Firearms Grade 2 Finish, Aged "Original" Grips.


US Firearms Rodeo.  Grade 1 finish with walnut grips.


US Firearms Rodeo.  Grade 1 finish with "aged" walnut grips.