Most of the woods on this page have been "stabilized"  in order to bring out the depth of figure and to harden the wood. Stabilized woods will not shrink or expand. They are also not affected by rain.

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  GiraffeR  GiraffeL

Giraffe Bone.

This could easily be the new "Ivory". Left photo showing the "bark". Right photo showing below the "bark". 

It is much easier to maintain than ivory. It feels like ivory in the hand, but warmer and not as slippery. Absolutley gorgeous. 

Single Action Grips $400   1911 Grips $225



Snake Close

    Snake Wood

So called because it resembles the skin of a Pit Viper. The rarest and most expensive wood in the world. Single Action Grips $250.


Amboyna Burl

Amboyna Burl
Single Action Grips $200-$220


Macassar Ebony 
Single Action Grips $175 - $195

Maple Burl-Select
Single Action Grips $170 - $190

Camphor Burl
Single Action Grips $170 - $190

 Marble Wood

Blond in color with strong vertical brown streaks.

Single Action Grips $165 - $185



JT Wild's latest set of Colts with "Select" Spalted Maple and custom action work.


 Spalted Maple

Every cut of this is unique and beautiful.

Single Action Grips $165 - $185


Blond Buckeye Burl "Select" 

Swirls and dots with Mother of Pearl shimmers.

Single Action Grips $165 - $185


Box Elder  
Box Elder Burl
Loaded with eyes and swirls. Single Action Grips $175 - $190
Saguaro Rib
 Saguaro Rib 
Very unique and rare. Over 100 years old. Resembles bone. Stabilized and hard. Single Action Grips  $195 - $210
 Colorado Juniper
 Reflective gold and honey tones. Single Action Grips  $195 - $210

 Madrone Burl

Gorgeous red brown.

Single Action Grips $165 - $185

 Mesquite Burl

Single Action Grips $175 - $195


        1966     Walnut Burl2
                      Black & White Ebony                                                                                                               Walnut Burl
              Single Action Grips $180 - $200                                                                                            Single Action Grips $165 - $185

American Holly
Beautiful creamy blond color with subtle grain.
Single Action Grips $165 - $185
Olive Wood
Warm and smooth to the touch. Pronounced grain, dense wood. Single Action Grips $150 - $165


KOA 4Koa
Highly Figured Koa
Beautiful warm gold tones and highly figured. Rare.
Single Action Grips $190 - $210


 Eucalyptus Burl

Single Action Grips $170 - $190 






Curly Mesquite

The curl in this is extremely tight. From the National Park Sabino Canyon in Tucson

Arizona. The flash floods of 2006 brought many 100+ year old trees down.

Single Action Grips $190 - $210  







Stabilization is a seventeen hour process that begins with four hours of vacuum to draw out air and moisture. The vacuum is slowly released and a 110 degree mixture of monomer resins and acrylics are introduced and then set to a pressure of 4000psi for seven hours. This pressure is slowly released and the wood is autoclaved, (heat treated) , for four more hours in order to activate the hardener.