New Revolvers


      Taxes apply to Arizona residence. Firearms must be shipped to an FFL in your state. Firearms will not ship to an FFL until a signed copy of the FFL I am shipping to has been received. Your state laws apply to new firearms purchases. Arizona customers will fill out a 4473 and have a background check.


      Premium Action Work is only $175.00 when buying a new Colt from Classic Single Action. You save $20.00



Colt’s Single Action Army

  • Consecutive numbers are $25 more each.

New in box. Directly from Colt.




Single Action Army P1850– 5.5″, 45LC, blue and case hardened.  Only ~ $2100.00

Possibly available sometime in 2024. 





Single Action Army P1840– 4.75″, 45LC, blue and case hardened.  Only ~ $2100.00 

Possibly available sometime in 2024. 





Long Colt

Single Action Army P187045LC, 7.5″,  blue and case hardened.  Only ~ $2100.00

Colt makes a few hundred of these about every 6-8 years or so. Last made in 2021. 

Not available at this time.




 ** All new Colt revolvers will be shipped in a sealed, tamper proof sleeve with a note to

the receiving FFL.



New Colt SAA in tamper proof sleeve with note to FFL.





Cimarron – Uberti

1872 Open Top            

4.75″, 45LC. Only ~ $505.00

In Stock



 Classic Single Action Hat . Khaki or Black, Adjustable Band ~ $15.00



           Nothing makes a job easier than having the right tools. Using the right screwdrivers for the maintenance of your firearms should be a priority. They will keep your screws tight without binging up the slots. Do not use regular screwdrivers on your guns! There are a lot of choices out there, but here are two I think are very good.
           Set #1. For USFA, Colt and Ruger® revolvers: Brownells sells a Magna-Tip set specifically for each gun model. Pros & Cons; I like these for space saving issues and ease of transport. They are hollow ground and well made. Some people find the magnetic tips a bother as they pick up unwanted material and the tips have a touch of play between the shaft and the bit. Still a great driver set for all Single Action revolvers $35.
           Set #2. For USFA, Colt SAA and Reproductions: Brownells sells a set made by Grace. This is a three driver set with wood handles. Pros & Cons; The tips are milled for the screw slots and fit most 1873 SAA screws perfectly. They are shorter than standard drivers for better control. The width of the tips are a touch wide and can scar the surrounding areas. Grind and polish the sides down to eliminate this. If you buy the set from me I will do this for you. $45


Drivers 1Drivers 2
Set #1                                                                                    Set #2



Authentic Colt U.S. Army Issue Screwdriver Reproduction


   This is a faithful reproduction of the screwdriver that was issued to the US Army with their Colt SAA in the 1800’s. I make these by hand from tool steel. The driver is hardened and heat blued with hollow ground tips. This would be a great tool to have for the SASS shooter or historic reenactor as it fits in the smallest of pockets and is easy to use. You can find a picture of one of these original screwdrivers on page 108 of R.L. Wilson’s book “The Peacemakers”.  Only $50, firearm not included.

 Tool Gun