Replica of “Lucky” Ned Pepper’s Gun and Grips

From the new movie of True Grit


 Ned Pepper

This museum quality piece can be made from bone or solid Sterling silver.

The grip is made from  African Ebony. The inlay is cut entirely by hand

and the bone or silver inlay is absolutely flush with the surface of the grip.


 Lucky Ned2

       Attention to detail and fine hand craftsmanship make this grip a true work of art and collectors dream. The complete grip is $325.00 for a sterling silver clover and $350 for the bone clover. This grip can be made for any Single Action firearm. Two versions of the clover are shown. The bone version is closer to the movie grip.

       The movie gun had the inlay on the right side and the screw can be seen just below the clover. The clover was made of bone and the stem pointed to the rear. The versions pictured here have the screw hidden and the clover slightly lower. You can have this grip on any single action revolver. If you want it in a different wood, the bone clover is $200 and the silver clover $175. Add the cost of grips.