These are  companies and people that have a reputation for quality. They are some of the best people you could know, with products and services that are second to none.




 Sandra Brady

Some of the finest scrimshaw work in the world. Her attention to detail and ability to render an image is second to none. From a one letter image to a 3d safari landscape you can’t find higher quality work. 



Wm. Brown Holster Co.

Located in historic Tombstone, Arizona. If you want quality leather, this is the place. Bill makes all his leather goods the way they did in the 1800’s, using the same tools! It is a real pleasure to see and hold quality work like this. His colors are real nice too. Rich and deep and solid. His movie reproductions are just incredible. Extremely well executed and detailed beyond belief. I have been in a lot of leather shops and handled tons of leather, Bill Brown is by far one of the best.




Brownells is one of the largest gunsmith and firearms parts suppliers in the country. This where most gunsmiths get their parts and tools.



VTI Gunparts

This is the place to go for ALL your Italian firearms parts. If it is being made or has been made they will likely have the parts for it. If they don’t have it, it probably does not exist. This is also the place to go for your Kirst conversions. 



Cimarron Firearms

Cimarron Firearms Company offers detailed copies of the firearms used in taming the frontier and the American West. They are recognized as the leader in quality and authenticity in Cowboy Action Shooting circles. For the past 25 years Cimarron has worked to continually produce firearms with the highest level of authentic detail, fit and finish. They are well worth the money.



Will Ghormley

Will can make you some of the finest leather goods on the planet. This is quality. As soon as you see it and touch it you will know you have made the right decision. The quality of his carving is also something to behold. His patterns are authentic and beautiful. If you are looking for something custom, he is the man to go to. He is an “old world craftsman” to the bone. It doesn’t get any better than this.



Louisiana Shooters Supply

Buying, selling or trading firearms? This is a great place to do business. Just give Jason a call and you will see what I mean. Jason, (Slick McClade, SASS World Champion) is a really a good guy that knows how to take care of the customer. His work on Marlins is some of the finest in the business.



Adams & Adams Engravers

John Adams and his son John Adams Jr. are truly some of the most skilled engravers around. The firearms they have engraved that have come through my shop have made me pause and take a moment. This is a dying art and quality engraving is hard to find. Look no farther and prepare to be amazed. 



Michael Gouse engraving

Michael Gouse is a full-time gun engraver who lives in Western Montana. Michael specializes in styles of the Old American West such as Gustav Young , L.D. Nimschke, Ulrich, & Cuno Helfricht. His work also includes scrolling of the old English and Germanic styles as well as the many variations found in custom gun engraving. Michael’s work is in many private collections, cherished for its beauty and authenticity.



Wyoming Armory

Firearms refinishing and more. George Dillman and his team do an excellent job of case hardening and bluing for your new or old firearms. Reasonable prices for services that are becoming harder to find. 



Thunderstick Trading Co.

This is a great place for a person of the western shooting persuasion to buy new and used guns, bullets, powder, cases and leather. Mike and Sandy will make you feel right at home and even offer you a cold drink. They really have a great selection of goods to offer in a no pressure environment that makes you want to sit down and talk for awhile. Stop in and chat a spell, you won’t regret it and your wallet won’t either.

1125 N Jefferson Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85712