3:10 to Yuma, “Hand of God”

    Working from detailed close-up photos of the movie gun, this reproduction took four months and more than ninety hours to create. Seven prototypes were made. It is extremely close to the original. From start to finish there will be over nine hours of hands on work in making this reproduction grip for you. The inlays are hand cut, take over an hour each and are flawless. The grip is African Ebony, not plastic or walnut. The inlay sits on a slight angle, just like the movie gun. No one else has this detail correct.


Simply put, no other reproduction can hold a candle to this one.


    The gold alloy is not cheap brass or bronze. It is a custom formulated proprietary alloy blend I developed that resembles 18k gold. This means it is close to the color of 18k gold and it will not tarnish as fast as other alloys. These crosses and all silverwork are cast by me, in my studio. Note that “gold plated” crosses by other makers will have the plating wear off in a year or two. Mine are solid Alloy, Sterling Silver or Solid Gold. They are not plated.


This is as close to the real thing you can get without buying the original.


“A museum quality piece”.


18k Hand of God

Hand of God grip in Sterling Silver or Gold Alloy ~ $600.00


The inlays are hand cut and very precise.


Three versions of the crucifix were made for the movie. One version is on the gun Russell Crowe had made for himself. His gun and crucifix did not appear in the movie. Two other versions were in the movie. They were on the firing and non-firing guns in the film. Using a close-up photograph of one of the movie guns, I have meticulously reproduced the one seen in the stagecoach scene in the beginning of the movie.


You can have the crucifix in three different metals. A custom formulated gold alloy, Sterling Silver and gold. The grip is real African Ebony not plastic or stained walnut.


Below are the prices for the Hand of God grip. You can have the crucifix on one side of the grip or both. The movie guns (9) were made by U.S. Firearms and had the crucifixes on both sides.


Turnaround for this grip might be at little longer. The process is labor intensive and the crucifixes are made specifically for your grips.


Prices are for African Ebony grips with the crucifix hand inlayed.


Ruger® Firearms can only have the crucifix on one side. When ordering for a Ruger®, indicate which side you would like the crucifix on.


Hand of God Grip

Alloy or Sterling Silver           One Side = $500.00           Both sides = $600.00

*10k gold           One side = $755.00           Both sides = $985.00

*14k gold           One side = $848.00           Both sides = $1241.00

*18k gold           One side = $1020.00           Both sides = $1690.00


* Gold prices are at $1486.00 per ounce for reference. (11-4-19)

Gold crucifix prices will change with market value.


The movie gun did not have the gold bands or the engraving on the barrel.

The movie gun looks exactly like the one at the top of this page.