Grips 17-22

Prices shown are for the “competition” grip on all Single Action revolvers.

You will find complete explanations of all grip profiles and costs on the “Grip Profile” page.



Buckeye Burl
Primarily blue/green with swirls of

yellow and eyes of black.








Blond Buckeye  

Blond Buckeye Burl
Primarily yellow with swirls of

blue/green and eyes of black.








Maple Burl
Warm brown with swirls and eyes of lighter tones.








Rare Woods & Burls
Snake Wood – Madrone Burl
Eucalyptus Burl – Walnut Burl
Spalted Maple – Camphor Burl
Thuya Burl – Curly Mesquite.






Pricing on page



Elephant Ivory
This is legal pre-ban ivory.

A certificate is shipped with purchase.

Restictions apply.









Ainsworth 3  


Ainsworth Cartouche Reproduction

Very carefully researched. Six original samples were closely studied to create this reproduction.
Also see Gallery picture #262







Hi Joe,
Got back in town and found a box sitting on my desk, opened it up and WOW!!! The Red River T brand that you inlaid exceeded my expectations; the pictures of your work on the website don’t quite show people what it’s like until you hold it in your hands. I’ve been fooling around with single actions for 40 years and filing and sanding on different grips for 15 years trying to get them to feel and perform right and gotten close, but your Competition grip profile takes the fit and function the final step. I guess I’m done with filing and sanding! The action job is excellent and everything I’d hoped for as well. I hope you don’t mind but I have a few more single actions that will need your attention. Thanks, again!
Guy Thomas

“Hi Joe….I just received my two Colts with your new Myrtle Burl grips and I can’t say enough about how beautiful they are. They far exceeded what I had expected and what a fine job you did with the fit. They are just perfect. Sorry you will not be a EOT this year but I will catch up with you at the BorderTown shoot and I’ll be able to “Thank You” again in person.” Bob Webber….Baja Bandit SASS # 3654 L