Grips 11-16

Prices shown are for the “competition” grip on all Single Action revolvers.

You will find complete explanations of all grip profiles and costs on the “Grip Profile” page.





Beige and brown vertical grain.

Can vary in width.









Curly Walnut
Medium brown with a fine vertical black grain and horizontal

shimmering bands.

This is very rare 5A quality.









Very tight grain. Yellow ivory tone. Iridescent shimmer

like glass under the surface.








Becoming hard to get.

Black with very faint figure or with heavy streaks that resembles buffalo horn.









Deep warm brown with a black wavy

grain like a waterfall.








Fancy Walnut
Highly figured warm chocolate tone with shimmers and figure. No two are alike, but it’s all beautiful.







I picked up my USFA .38 this morning, and I wanted to tell you how blown away I am by your work. The grips look and feel incredible. My expectations were already high, based on comments from others, but my expectations were far exceeded. I couldn’t believe how perfectly the grips were fit to the gun, absolutely seamless. And thanks for adding a matching star to the left side of the grips. I agree that balances out the look. The action is incredibly smooth. I let the guy at the shop cock the hammer back a few times, and then he went into the back to bring out the shop owner. They both said it was the smoothest single action they had ever felt. And that means a lot coming from this shop, they are much more knowledgeable than the average gun shop. It is obvious that you work on each gun as if it were your own. I planned on shooting this afternoon, but decided to give it a little time, so I can show off the gun to my friends. Thanks again, the quality of your work is unbelievable. Even the photos on your website can’t do justice to the amount of detail that goes into your grips.
Aaron Duke

Joe, I never had a chance to tell how “over the top” pleased I am with the “Hand of God” grips you did on my USFA. The work is exquisite. I am a perfectionist and I feared that for the money I was paying there might be some tiny flaw that would upset me. On the contrary, I’ve never been so pleased with anything in my life. Your work is simply amazing and I’m very proud to show it off. Of course everyone else gets pretty slack-jawed as well.”
George Weynand