Colt Hammer Notches Repaired

Hammer24 Hammer25

Hammer notches missing and hammer cam worn out.                                                 Hammer notches repaired and new hammer cam.



1877 Colt Broken Bolt Spring Leg TIG Repair in 4 Steps.

 Bolt1 Bolt2

 Bolt3 Bolt4



Repairing Frame Latch Assembly on H&R

Smith1 Smith2 Smith3b

Notice how the heat signature of the TIG weld is so small it does not destroy the nickel plating. This repair is inside the revolver once re-assembled.



 New Bolt Pivot for United Sporting Arms Seville


1. Original part from 2nd revolver ontop of tool steel blank.                                2. New pivot created from tool steel. 


 3. Pivot heat treated and installed. This lever activates the bolt.


New Screw and Spring for S&W



Screw2 Screw3


Hammer Notch Rebuild on Merwin & Hulbert

Notch1 Notch2

1. Old notch brazed in and coming apart.                                                                   2. Notch removed, cleaned up and ready for repair.

Notch3 Notch4

3. New notch TIG welded and shaped.                                                                  4. Notch set with trigger sear and heat treated.


Plunger For 1903 Colt Auto

 Colt Auto Plunger Colt Auto Plunger 2

                                                                                                                Yep that is small.


Free Spin Pawl for Ruger Old Vaquero

FS Pawl 1 FS Pawl 3