Contact Information

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Shipping Address

Joe Perkins

2318 W Rapallo Way

Tucson, Arizona 85741


Phone: 520-888-6799

Fax: 520-877-5026



classicsa @


If I don’t answer the phone, my hands are full. I’ll call you back as soon as I can.

This is a land line, no text messages.


Shipping Guidelines

    If I emailed you a quote after talking on the phone, include a copy with the shipment. If a quote was not requested, please download and print the order form below and include a copy with the shipment. I cannot work on your revolvers or log them into my FFL books if I do not have this information. I have an FFL, so it is legal to send me your firearm for gunsmithing or grips. It must be returned to the address I received it from or to an FFL.


Standard return shipping is $30.00 for 1-2 guns, $40 for 3 guns, $55 for 4 guns.

2nd Day Air – $85. Overnight – $115


Do not ship two firearms in one flat clamshell case. These get shipped upright by Fedex and UPS. The guns will shift and will be damaged by hitting eachother.


Work Schedule


     I work from 7am to 5pm, 5-6 days a week. Business hours are from 8am to 4pm M-F. All invoices are numerical and done in that order. I don’t put anyone ahead of anyone else for ANY reason.

Fine custom work takes time to do right. Nothing I do is rushed. My gunsmith work, grip making and silverwork are highly sought after. Everything you see on my web site is done solely by me. I don’t buy any prefabricated pieces or farm any other work out.


Turn Around Time

    I work from a Waiting List. Once you are on my Waiting List, the wait can vary from 15 months to 18 months wait for my phone call. If you wish to be on the list, I need your phone number. Once I call you and then receive your firearm/s, it will most likely be a 1 to 2 month wait. This depends on if you were in the first or second half of the 20 names that I called. I call people on the Waiting List in numerical order, 20 at a time. This means I recieve 30-40 guns. There are 250-280 people in line at any given time. I start the number sequence over every 400. Some customers, that don’t mind shipping me their revolver twice, are sending their revolver in for gunsmithing now. I send it back to them whithin 45 days and then they send it back to me when they get the call for the grips. Call me if this is an option you want to explore.

    My Waiting List is a serious document to me, unlike some companies I have dealt with. No one is ever put ahead, moved back or “forgotten” for any reason. My close friends as well as first time customers know this to be true. Everyone gets a phone call back from me when their number is up. If you have changed your mind by that time, it is not a problem. Do not feel bad if you have changed your mind. I just move on down the list. If you would like to check your position on the list, just click the link to the right. Waiting List


Something to Consider 

      You may call in every 3 months to have your name put on my Waiting List again. That way you have a spot every 3 months after the first waiting period. If I call you and you don’t have work to be done, no worries, I just move down the list and you get another call 3 months later. Many of my long time customers are doing this.



Turn Around Time – Gunsmith Work Only

    If the work you need done is gunsmithing only and does not include making grips, the turn around time should be within 45 days. You do not need to be put on my Waiting List. You can call me to discuss the work and mail me the firearm/s with the Order Form any time after that.


Method of Payment

    Personal checks or cashiers checks made out to “Joe Perkins”. I have a separtate set of accounts in my name for my business. Lower monthly banking fees means lower costs to you. Not working with credit cards also saves you money and me headaches.



Please do not ship me firearms or money until we have spoken on the phone.


Include the Order Form.



Order Form



1st Gen Bisley

1st Generation Colt with Stag Grips