Case Hardening & Nickel Plating

All refinishing can add one to two months to turnaround time.




Bone & Charcoal Case Hardening


       Ruger stopped "color" case hardening their guns a few years back in order to be more competitive with their pricing. This was a chemical treatment and not true bone and charcoal case hardening. Most people really liked the case coloring look on the frame. In keeping with my philosophy of the highest quality, I decided to offer true bone and charcoal case hardening for all single action firearms.  The cost is $260 per gun. This can include the hammer and loading gate. I think you will agree this is a great look and it is the "Real Deal". 















Nickel Plating



Electroless Nickel

    Electroless nickel is a process that does not use a copper base layer. This process has two advantages. One, you can use ammonia based cleaners and those for removing copper residue without damaging the finish. Two, the finish is harder and bonded to the metal stronger so it is much more durable. No pealing at the barrels' end.    Single Action Revolver $275.00






Traditional Nickel

Two part process with copper base layer


    This is the most common type of nickel plating. Don't use ammonia based cleaners or cleaners for removing copper residue. There is a touch more warmth to this finish, but it is very hard to tell them apart. It hides scratches and dings a little better. I no longer offer this service, but I can give you two contacts that do.