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   Just wanted to tell you that I received my two Custom Ruger Blackhawks. The "Ultimate Short Stroke" job that you did on them is phenomenal. I own several sets of short stroked guns that have been done by all the supposed "greats" and yours are the shortest and best feeling of them all. Thanks for yet another great Classic Single Action product.

Your Pal,

Slick McClade, Louisiana Shooters Supply.         Slick McClade is a two-time SASS World Champion. 


 A Partial List Of The Most Requested Work At Classic Single Action 

CSA-1 Premium Action Work

Smooth, crisp and reliable. Twenty-two point service unmatched in the industry. The name has been copied, not the work.

Specify: Target or Competition. Tuning is slightly different.

CSA-2 Basic Action Work Install lighter springs and remove some roughness 95.00
CSA-3 Ultimate Short Stroke

TIG welded not brazed. Hardened striker in hammer. Link.  

I see some gunsmiths trying to copy my design. Don't be fooled.

CSA-4 Super Blackhawk Hammer Only sold to customers having gunsmith or grip work done. 40.00
CSA-5 Correct Bad Timing Colt, USFA, Uberti and Pietta. Parts may need tuning or replacing. Hourly rate applies. 50.00hr
CSA-6 Chamfer Cylinders Takes the sharp edge off cylinder chambers to facilitate easier loading of cartridges. 20.00
CSA-7 Hone Cylinders Helps with sticky shell ejection problems. 30.00
CSA-8 Forcing Cone Improve accuracy. Reduce leading. 20.00
CSA-9 Widen Rear Sight Faster target acquisition. 25.00
CSA-10 Serrate Front Sight Better contrast between front and rear sight.  15.00
CSA-11 Hammer Stop  For Colt, USFA, Uberti, Ruger and Pietta. 45.00
CSA-12 Remove Stamping on Barrel For Ruger stainless guns only. Photo
CSA-13 Oversized Cylinder Stop Removes rotational play in cylinder. 50.00
CSA-14 Colt Base Pin Replaces Old Vaquero base pin. Photo 40.00
CSA-15 Crescent Ejector Replaces Old Vaquero ejector. Photo 45.00
CSA-16 Free Spin Pawl

   Allows cylinder to spin in both directions when loading.

* Old Vaquero - Hand built. TIG welded.

* New Vaquero - $20.00, or free if doing action work.

CSA-17 Jewel Hammer   25.00
CSA-18 New Hand  Colt - Installed and fit. 90.00
CSA-19 New Bolt Colt - Installed and fit. 95.00
CSA-20 New Pawl Ruger  Intalled, fit and timed. 32.00
CSA-21 New Cylinder Stop Ruger  Installed, fit and timed. 30.00
CSA-22 New Transfer Bar   Ruger Installed 36.00
CSA-23 Low Profile Hammer  For Colt, Uberti and Pietta. Installed, fit and no creep trigger set. 145.00
CSA-24 Old Vaquero Hammer Conversion This is a nice change if you don't like the high hammer on the New Vaquero. Ruger used to make a special edition NV for Cowboy Fast Draw that had the OV hammer in the NV. This is a great alternative to the Super Blackhawk hammer. 40.00
CSA-25 Fully Harden Uberti Firing Pin   50.00
CSA-26 Manufacture New Hardened Firing Pin  Cut from tool steel. Hardened and tempered. 85.00
CSA-27 Black Powder Base Pin Screw Newly manufactured screw to solve loose base pin problems on Black Powder Colt SAA.  Photo 75.00
CSA-28  Custom Low Hammer - Ruger New custom made, standard width, low hammer for Old Vaquero and New Vaquero.  Photo 85.00 


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