Grips 1-5

Prices shown are for the "competition" grip on all Single Action revolvers.

You will find complete explanations of all grip profiles and costs on the "Grip Profile" page.


African Rosewood
Primarily a red brown with darker

streaks that are usually wiggly.



Two Piece: $125.00

One Piece: $145.00

Honduras Rosewood
Yellow and brown grain.

Width of grain varies.



Two Piece: $125.00
One Piece: $145.00

Bolivian Rosewood
Primarily brown with dark brown grain.



Two Piece: $125.00
One Piece: $145.00

Indonesian Rosewood
Deep blue brown with

dark streaks.

Width of grain varies.



Two Piece: $125.00
One Piece: $145.00

Euc R

Studded Grips
These designs are created with exacting precision and balance. Price will vary depending on wood and stud design.

More Information 



$175.00 - $350.00

Joe, Sorry this email is going out late. This year has been extremely busy for me between SHOT, Safari Club, covering the fights and having 5 months of back to back magazine articles, I finally got some time to sit down and write a proper thank you note. The grips came out better than I thought was possible. It literally is like holding a museum piece in your hand Thanks again, the craftsmanship is superb and in 25 years of shooting and collecting, I have to say they are the finest grips I have ever used. Everyone who sees them, even a few friends that aren't "gun people", have been blown away by them. Pictures do not do justice to your work. Mike Searson

Joe, Got the guns today. Incredible work all the way around! Ivory looks spectacular! Much better than what the pics show. I really like the yellowish color. I noticed you did some little extra things here and there, and I want to thank you for taking such pride in your work. It's hard to find great work, and great service're the real deal. That makes my 4th gun with your work...can't wait to send another and can't say enough good things. Thanks so much. Rob Taylor